Blackgates - NEW Darjeeling Himalayan Railway ‘B’ Class 0-4-0 Locomotive!!!

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The designer/builder of this magnificent loco is Alan Cooper, a member of Chesterfield and District Model Engineering Society Ltd.  Alan is the gentleman on the right in the first picture

This locomotive is roughly one third full size. The exact scale being 24 (the full size gauge) divided by 7.25 (the model gauge) equals 3.31. This ‘B’ Class is not intended to be fine scale. Certain liberties have been taken to produce a good looking and practical scale model for hard use on the designer/builders club track at Chesterfield, which in itself is a miniature Darjeeling railway, with plenty of tight curves and considerable gradients.

The information used to design and construct this locomotive was a set of full size works drawings, (North British Locomotive Works), and many photographs, books and movies on the subject. The builder has never actually seen the full size article!!

The project has taken 33 months from preparation of the first drawing to finish. The locomotive was finished in time for the 2013 Harrogate show where it gained 2nd place. Since that time, over 300 miles of running on Chesterfield ground level track have been achieved. A certain amount of development has taken place, resulting in a few minor modifications. From the start, the boiler has proved to be an outstanding producer of steam. The locomotive has tremendous grip and is a fine hauler of heavy loads.

All drawings, castings and laser cut parts are to be available exclusively from Blackgates Engineering. This locomotive will make an ideal group or club project.

The cylinder bore is 3.5” (90mm). The boiler pressure is 110lbs/sq in. (6 bar). The model weighs approx 650kgs in working order.

The Darjeeling is equipped with a driver’s tender, which is available from Blackgates in kit form. The tender carries all coal and water. The saddle tank, well tank and loco coalbunker are not used.

Full size view drawing are available

It is hoped to have a 15 minute DVD showing the locomotive working on the track at Chesterfield available soon

Blackgates Engineering Tel: 01924 466000

List Of Parts Available For The 7.25” Gauge Darjeeling Himalayan Railway ‘B’ Class 0-4-0 

Castings Available Now – Prices On Request

  • Cylinder, left & right
  • Valve chest cover (2)
  • Cylinder cover front & back (2 sets)
  • Motion bracket left & right
  • Weighshaft bracket left & right
  • Horn (4)
  • Smokebox door
  • Smokebox door ring
  • Firehole door (2)
  • Dummy Detroit lubricator
  • Dome
  • Chimney
  • Valve spindle support left & right
  • Frame joining bracket left & right
  • Brake block (4)
  • Brake hanger (4)
  • Crosshead left & right
  • Expansion link bracket left & right
  • Safety chain lug (4)
  • Wheel (4)
  • Fly crank (4)

Castings Available Now – Prices On Request

  • Front drag box
  • Rear drag box
  • Cannon box (2)
  • Axlebox (4)
  • Slide valve (2)
  • Saddle tank end panel (2)

Laser/Water Jet Cut Parts Available Now

  • Frame (2)
  • Well tank side (2 sets)
  • All motion parts
  • Bunker and cab parts



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