Southworth Engines Boiler Feed Pumps

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Southworth Engines Boiler Feed Pump - supplied by society member Bob Potter 

The Southworth range of boiler feed pumps come in 3 sizes each, of Vertical and Duplex. Ideal for boiler feed on steam locomotives. I have the 6 inch vertical fitted to both my 5 inch Sweet Pea locomotive and my 71/4 inch Sweet William.

They will provide water to the boiler from as low as 15p.s.i. Ideal in situations when the pressure is too low or the water too hot for injectors and the axle pump is no use because you are stopped by a signal. For larger engines the 12 inch vertical pump is a real water mover.

Although not as popular for locos the duplex pumps have been fitted to Garratts and narrow gauge engines.

The pump ticking when the loco is stationery creates a lot of interest.

The kits come with gunmetal castings, drawings and O rings.


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