7.1/4 Sweet William chassis parts and materials

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7.1/4 Sweet William chassis parts and materials


Price £1250

Date 28/07/2017 at 12:23


Location Camberley

Contact Seller :

Telephone Icon   01276505211

Email Icon   southernboilerworks@yahoo.co.uk



We have decided to sell 2 of our 3 0-4-0 projects based on Sweet William.

Each 'kit' has Most of the parts made or materials to get the chassis done with very little further expense.

Machined frames and chassis parts with all holes drilled cnc. Handwork such as tapping holes is all that is needed to build the frame assemblies.

CNC Machined cylinder blocks, slidevalves and steam chests, with the material to make the covers.

CNC machined stick of axleboxes.

Turned Steel Wheels, with accurate Keyway and crank pin holes.

Cnc machined coupling (fish bellied loco type) and con rods from Gauge plate.

Brake gear components, including fabricated brake shaft brackets

Fabricated Smoke box saddle. Price for each chassis Kit is £1,250, Less than the price it would cost to buy the castings to get this far let alone the machining time.

Also available is a fully formed Southern Boiler works Copper boiler Kit, Rolled and welded barrels (Trevor Tremblin) Tubes and machined tube plates. The boiler kits are available at £1,700 each.

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