7.25″ Gauge Class 40 in Stobart Rail Livery

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7.25″ Gauge Class 40 in Stobart Rail Livery


Price £4000.00

Date 24/05/2017 at 22:11


Location Berkshire

Contact Seller :

Telephone Icon   07914530178

Email Icon   tom.hubble@hotmail.co.uk



A Class 40 in 7.25″ Gauge in a certainly unique livery – Stobart Rail.

It is understood that this loco was built in the 1990’s for Eddie Stobart’s famous hauliers who were branching out at the time into Rail haulage.

The locomotive is a Dan Jeavon’s body construction, that is; Fibreglass nose cones and roof with machined MDF body sides. With a new paint job (or not if you like your models quirky) and some added detail castings (readily available from various suppliers) you’d have yourself a Powerful and detailed locomotive, capable of serious club use.

Spec –

6x 6volt motors mounted between axles driven by a 4QD system.

Length: ~ 2.7m

Width: ~ 350mm

Height: ~ 540mm

Comes with complete with batteries (only 3 years old and have had little use) as well as a 3 way charger and a spare 4qd circuit board.

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