Heywood Top Wagons

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Heywood Top Wagons

For Sale

Price £650

Date 17/06/2017 at 12:41

Location Cockfosters, Barnet, Herts EN4 0QS

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Four 4-wheel general purpose wagons offering flexible load carrying for 7 ¼” gauge railways. Based on minimum gauge principals pioneered by Sir Arthur Heywood, these wagons are approximately half scale, robust and functional.
The wagons measure 540 x 1120mm overall. The coupling height is 120mm when unloaded. These wagons were built, and proven, for construction and maintenance work on Phil Wheeler’s Bickton Railway. They are robust and functional. The frame is a wooden construction with treated timber to allow outdoor storage year-round.
The basic wagon has a flat-bed, but a number of different 'tops' can be added. These four wagons are supplied with three ‘tops’ two at 6 inches deep and one 12 inch.
Chassis: 4 wheels to NG profile, self aligning bearing units and springs. Treated wooden frame and deck. Coupling receptacle for solid link and pin.
Two 6” tops: 6 inch high wooden plank sides with steel locating angle and top rubbing angle. Treated wood and painted steel.
12” top: 12 inch top high oriented strand board plank sides with steel locating angle and top rubbing angle.

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