Proficiency Scheme

Bronze Award Booklet
Bronze Award Booklet

Silver Award Booklet
Silver Award Booklet

7¼" Proficiency Testing Scheme.


The 7¼" Proficiency Scheme aims to train participants in all aspects of operating 7¼" miniature railways.   As young people today are more likely to have computer skills, this scheme is designed to combine those skills with more hands-on skills to achieve a high level of proficiency.

To achieve this for miniature railways the 7¼" Gauge Society Limited, (the recognised body for this gauge) has introduced a three-part Proficiency Scheme.

The scheme has been introduced to nationally encourage as many participants as possible to obtain a level of skill and knowledge whilst enjoying and becoming safely involved in our hobby.

Whilst it sets standards of awareness it is not a licence to drive a locomotive. It is a way of rewarding enthusiastic participation; it sets goals that encourage courteous, safe involvement in 7¼” gauge railways.

The Awards:

Bronze: Is intended for all, but if you are over 20 you must be a society member to take the award.  A simple set of questions test the candidate’s general knowledge of the hobby and is aimed chiefly at youngsters.  If you are successful, you will receive a letter congratulating you from the 7¼” Gauge Society, a Bronze Award enamel badge and a certificate.  If you are under 21, you will also receive a membership badge, and a year’s free junior eMembership of the 7¼” Gauge Society Ltd. 

Silver: The standard for this award is high and should be looked upon as a progression from the Bronze award.  However it can be taken without having achieved the Bronze by any member, not just Juniors.  A specific set of questions directed towards locomotive and railway issues especially their safety aspects will be asked.  Success in the Silver award is recognised by a Silver Award enamel badge and a certificate.  You must be a member of both your home organisation and the 7¼” Gauge Society Ltd. to participate in this award.

Gold: The standard for this award is very high; it is split into three Parts, each consisting of 5/6 Modules.  You will be shown how to be a competent member of staff at any railway.  Although there is still no charge for this award you will be extensively assessed with a series of practical tests and presentations, by someone selected by the 7¼” Gauge Society Ltd.  For the Gold Award you will receive a certificate for each Part and a Gold Award when all 3 parts have been completed.  You must be a member of both your home club, the 7¼” Gauge Society Ltd and have achieved the Silver award to participate in this award.

Find out more about the GOLD AWARD BY CLICKING HERE.

Entry to the three-part scheme with Bronze, Silver and Gold awards is dependent on participant’s skill levels and is not restricted by age.

Most of the revised scheme documents are moving online and you will be able to download them from the website.  In particular, the Gold Award will have a lot of supporting documents and these will be available both in the form of PDFs and DOCX.

The Bronze and Silver awards are run at club level by the appointed assessor/s that have been issued with full instructions on how to operate the scheme. Participants will be given advice and can download the booklets to study. These tests follow a standard set of questions plus in the Silver award the opportunity to tailor some questions to accommodate specific club rules.

The Gold scheme is administrated by the Society in conjunction with participating organisations.  This scheme is currently under development; you can see the draft documentation on the website.  However, the Society will be actively trialling and supporting training/testing days starting in 2017, inviting participants from clubs in the surrounding area to the venue.

All of which we hope will ensure the attraction of 7¼" railways continues in the future.  To take part in the scheme either as an organisation or as an individual please contact the Project co-ordinator,

If you would like your club or organisation to take part in this scheme, please read the Proficiency Award Operating Instructions, fill in the  Proficiency Award Application Form and send it to the scheme co-ordinator.  

Note that if you have Word, you can use the DOC versions, type in the blue boxes to fill in a copy.





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