7¼″ Gauge Society

Officers & Contacts

The 7 1/4" Gauge Society Ltd, is a private company, limited by Guarantee, and is governed by a committee of up to 10 directors who are elected at the AGM to serve for one year. Directors are eligble for re-election.

Officers and  Project co-ordinators are appointed by the Committee.

Every member of the Society undertakes to contribute to the assets of the Society, in the event of the same being wound up while they are a member, for payments of debts & liabilities of the Society contracted before they cease to be a member, such amounts as may be required not exceeding £1.

If you are not certain who to contact please address your query to the Secretary using the details given below or send to the registered office, address at the bottom of this page.



Chairperson and Training - Janet T Royston - chair@sevenandaquarter.org

Membership Secretary - John Nicholson - membership@sevenandaquarter.org

Advertising, Trade Liaison and Events - Bob Whitfield - trade@sevenandaquarter.org

Treasurer - Gillian Rainer - treasurer@sevenandaquarter.org

Secretary and Data Protection Officer - Anthony Siddall - secretary@sevenandaquarter.org

Special Projects Officer - Nicholas Deytrikh - 50thanniversary@sevenandaquarter.org

Communications Nigel Freestone - comms@sevenandaquarter.org

Assistant Secretary - Petra MacGuinness


Other Offficers

Webmasters for all technical issues - Janet and Jeremy Chopping - webmaster@sevenandaquarter.org

Editor - Tim Morton Jones - editor@sevenandaquarter.org


Project Co-ordinators

Boiler Inspectors –  trade@sevenandaquarter.org

Proficiency Scheme -  Tim Morton Jones proficiency@sevenandaquarter.org

Pattern Bank - David Mawdsley pattern@sevenandaquarter.org


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