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7 1/4 Dolgoch


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Posted: Mon 23rd May 2011, 8:34am
7 1/4 Dolgoch

Hello, Would anyone know whether any models have been completed and running, using the 7 1/4 in. design as sold by Reeves, please? In other words, is the design proven? Thanks very much for any information.

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Posted: Mon 23rd May 2011, 10:31am

You could try asking Reeves2000 directly, if they know of any, or contact Ian Holder (member) to whom Reeves attribute it. It is shown as a New model in the last Reeves catalogue that I have (Issue 24).

bruce morgans

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Posted: Sat 28th May 2011, 6:08pm


The problem is there are errors on many drawings and the fact that an engine has been built does not mean the drawings are error free. I remember a few years ago when I was building a Romulus and coming across a very basic error, Reeves didn't want to know, so even with an established design it was not without its error(s). The key is to check and double check cross referencing were possible. In some cases even basic dimensions are missing which doesn't help!
I have long felt that it would be a good idea to have a 'Error Reference Library' where builders could record errors they have come across with designs. This would help/reassure others who find the same problem and save many hours of head scratching trying to make sense of a dimension.
Such a data base might eventually lead to drawings being updated.


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Posted: Fri 1st Jul 2011, 8:47pm

As the designer of the 7 1/4 DOLGOCH and the MOGUL marketed by Reeves perhaps I can comment. I build as I design, the drawings are done first a copy taken to the workshop and the parts made, and the drawing marked up with any amendments as I go. These ammendments are then put on the master drawing. This ensures that the drawing is correct, but I would not claim infallability! Dolgoch was completed as far as a running chassis up to footplate level. all other components were also completed with the exception of the boiler. This was to be sourced from one of the professional boilermakers. Unfortunately this was at the time of the troubles at Reeves and the project was halted. So the situation at that time was the loco had run successfully on air and had been assembled minus the boiler and smokebox. I do not know if any other 7 1/4 Dolgoch's are out there but I live in hopes of seeing one.
I no longer have any contact with Reeves 2000 as they are now so get no feedback on my designs. There are several Moguls about some of which I have had the pleasure of driving and their builders seem happy with them, and I would hope that the same would apply to Dolgoch. Having said that, seeing the prices that Reeves are charging these days that seems a remote possibility.
On the general question of correcting errors when these were raised in the old days at Reeves then they would probably be done, these days I dont think that there is anybody there capable of doing it if they wanted to.
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