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7 1/4 Lilla


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Posted: Fri 29th Oct 2010, 8:21pm
7 1/4 Lilla

Just starting the build, is there any one could help with pointing out the errors on the drawings,one of my first questions would be is the distance between the frames correct at 11.36" as the laser cut parts for the motion plate and the smoke box stretcher are 11.5"?

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Posted: Fri 12th Nov 2010, 2:47pm


I haven't got much experience with building a loco but will soon be trying to build a baldwin but at the moment i drive a Thomas 2 and so may know a little but if you wish i could visit and we can ponder together, if your not that far. Other than that you would have to find some one with a Lilla as i am guessing Thomas 2 and Lilla are different sizes.

Hope to here soon,


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Posted: Tue 16th Nov 2010, 6:24pm

I'm not entirely sure on the construction of this loco BUT:

11.36" you say is the distance BETWEEN the frames, is 11.5" a different dimension. There is about 3.5mm difference between them. I could imagine if the loco was of welded construction and these items were welded to the frames spaced at 11.36" then this extra 0.14" or 3.5mm would be a bit of lap to weld with?

Other than that get an experienced loco builder to point out what is what, I cant imagine there would be mistakes such as those in the drawings... if there were then whats the point of there being any dimensions?
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