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Posted: Tue 10th Jan 2012, 7:56pm

Several of the dimensions on the 'Paddington' frame drawings are marked 'Not to Scale', along with a statement that one should always use the dimensions and not 'scale' the drawings. From this I have assumed that 'errors' in the drawings have been corrected by changing the dimensions without necessarily redrawing the image.
I have noticed that the dimensions on the frame drawing for the rear tank support bracket do not match the mating holes dimensioned on the drawing of the actual rear tank support bracket - the frame holes being too close together. However, the other not so obvious anomoly is the actual position of the rear tank support bracket on the frame drawing. The marked 4" dimension is one of those amended and 'not to scale' and thus assumed to have been corrected. However, I question whether this dimension is correct and consider the correct dimension is nearer 3.75".
Is there anyone out there building a 'Paddington' who can concur with my observations?

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Posted: Wed 11th Jan 2012, 8:23pm

im building one at the moment feel free to call me on it on daytime 01922 404911

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