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howard snowden

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Posted: Thu 25th Sep 2014, 8:22pm

I would be grateful for any advice / experience of fusible plugs on boilers. I understand that if one is installed, many Club tracks require them to be inspected / changed on a regular basis, which as you can appreciate requires the boiler to be removed. Providing the loco is driven by a competent driver, a fusible plug should not be needed.

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Posted: Thu 25th Sep 2014, 9:17pm

Im no expert but i always thought fusible plugs to the small bolts with a taper drilled through it before being filled with soft solder and screwed into a bush on the crown plate. Should be a simple job to unscrew and replace using a socket and extension bar when the grate is removed from the loco.

My little old steam loco doesn't have a fusible plug fitted.

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