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Boiler feed pump design


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Posted: Thu 17th Oct 2013, 3:23pm
Boiler feed pump design

Hi all

I wish to add a means of continuously adding water to the boiler of my engine and have acquired half a scratch built steam powered boiler feed pump for the purpose. My question is how do I decide on the bore of the water pump side, which, unless I'm being stupid which is quite possible, can't be larger than the steam side but should it be the same or smaller? And if smaller by what sort of amount?

I have a couple of hand pumps that cold be donors including one fitted to the loco, so am hoping to use one of them if possible. I also assume that I will need a check valve between the pump and boiler as well?


Andy Comley

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Posted: Thu 17th Oct 2013, 6:21pm

Hi Andy. It really depends on how much water you want to pump into your boiler in a given time period.

This might be useful:
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