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Posted: Sun 10th Oct 2010, 8:20am

Like many of us we dream of designing/building our own loco. You spend ten years thinking, designing and then get the opportunity to do it! Now l have retired from teaching, I've started.

From the designing and engineering side l'm fine; albeit l have no manufacturing facilities, it's those darned electrics/electronics that l find difficult. Is there anyone out there who would like to get involved with helping sort out the basics or maybe make the loco more interesting by adding data loggers,computer control or some other additions that will make the loco more interesting to run or analyse?

Details of the loco:
7 1/4 gauge
21hp Honda V twin engine
Hydrostatic drive
Driving two hydraulic motors then onto Bevel T gearboxes
Overall length around 13 feet
Will pull 1000kg upto 20kph within 90secs (l know this is faster than allowed)
Laser and water cut chassis. bodywork and other components
Disc brakes for parking
Hydraulic braking whilst in motion
Will be driven from second carriage
Two hydraulic rams to lift engine cover 600mm
GRP nose measuring 900mm
Lighting front and rear
Car ignition and battery isolator for security
Battery isolator within engine bay

As you can see most of the main work has been done. Just need to finish CAD drawings of chassis and body for cutting so assembly can begin.

If you would like to get involved to make this a more interesting loco please mail me on; or even to discuss possibilities.

If l can help with aspects of yours in return.......sounds good to me!

Daniel Phipps

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Posted: Sat 6th Nov 2010, 5:36pm

Hi Daniel,
Your proposed loco looks fascinating, if you are planning a Eurostar outline then I have a GA Drawing which may help.
Can also point you in the right direction for electrical parts such as isolation switches etc.

Keith McDonald.


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Posted: Thu 11th Nov 2010, 6:51pm

Hi Keith,

Sorry for a late reply. I checked a few times but there were no replies so l gave up for a while.
Some very kind 7 1/4 member supplied me with all the drawings some years ago. But it was good of you to offer! the offer of helping me source the electrical components will come in useful thanks!

Since l posted the comment, Eurostar have ordered the Velaro D loco from Siemens. Luckily, l hadnt started machining the Eurostar; another week and l would have! It won't alter the components l have already purchased so l will go with the Velaro. The biggest problem now is trying to get Siemens to answer e-mails l have sent to them requesting side, front and plan views with dimensions; about 6 at the last count! I sent two more today.
The process will be to get someone to draw up the design of it into an igs file with machine codes. Following that, l have found a university who will use their 5 axis CNC router to machine foam plugs for me. Following on from that, l will need to seal the foam, sand and polish before making a split mould. If he drawings are not forthcoming we will have to work from photographs. This time, the loco will be around 2750mm long.

The ultimate aim is to sell kits of it or complete loco's for clients. Initially l will use the Deutsche Bahn colour scheme and then change to the E320 Eurostar have ordered for 2012.My intention is to launch the E320 sometime before Eurostar take delivery of their new engines and rolling stock.


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Posted: Sat 20th Nov 2010, 10:50am

Hi Daniel
Looks a fascinating project. Is the engine really 21hp. At Bristol we have recently completed Class 67 Thomas Telford using petrol/hybrid design and that pulls 4000kg with 4hp output from engine - Eurostar will "fly". Simple instrumentation we have found most useful is the speedometer from Magpie Computer Developments Ltd -Web This will show distance covered as well as speed and if specified can indicate slip. Might be useful, I suggest one per bogie.
Bob Lilley


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Posted: Sun 21st Nov 2010, 8:33am

Hi Bob,

The info about magpie is a useful one, l will investigate. I am in Calne, Wilts, your track is not too far away and would like to visit soon, when are your running days? and when will you be there next?
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