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Help on identifying tender.


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Posted: Sun 20th Sep 2015, 8:41pm
Help on identifying tender.

Help on identifying tender.
Can anyone please help identify the make/model of the tender in the attached photos. If so, could you please let me know if drawings are available and how I could get hold of them.

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Posted: Sun 20th Sep 2015, 10:33pm


That looks like an Esse tender from a distance. If it is I have drawings but it will not be easy to copy them. However if it is an ESSE tender I will help you all I can.

John Nicholson


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Posted: Thu 29th Oct 2015, 4:34pm


I can identify the tender in the photograph. It was built by me in about 1996 through my business Knightley Light Railway. The photo shows it icoupled to Hunslet " Lady Madcap " I still own both locomotive and tender. The water tank is welded plastic, the brakes are dule either air fail safe or air simple. The aair is generated by an axle driven two cylinder compressor, castings by Stuart Turner. Although castings are no longer available, I do have several sets of castings available. It takes about 60 mtres to fill the dual air tanks to 80 psi.


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Posted: Sat 31st Oct 2015, 7:39am

I should have known it was yours! The photo was taken at one of the Junior operating days you held a few years back which we always came to. I've added my e-mail address to the address book on the website - could you drop me an e-mail so I can get in touch.

Many Thanks
Dave Garforth
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