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Horns for Battery electics


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Posted: Sun 25th Sep 2011, 9:13pm
Horns for Battery electics

Any one any suggestions for horns for use on battery loco. What have other people used, car horns or someting else.


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Posted: Sun 25th Sep 2011, 10:17pm

The horn fitted by Paul Middleton to his tram certainly got the attention of anyone who heard it at the AGM on Saturday. from ebay for under £10, I think.

Peter Beevers

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Posted: Mon 26th Sep 2011, 6:51am

I have used both standard car horns and car air horns. You can get either from ebay - if you're short on space, then the standard snail horn is your best bet - don't forget that it's pretty high current so will need a relay to actuate it. I prefer the air horns - you buy a set with two trumpets, compressor and relay - but these take up more space (the trumpets are about 9"-12" long and 2-3" diameter, the compressor is about 5" long by 2" diameter)


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Posted: Tue 27th Sep 2011, 8:22am

I have a battery loco with a pair of 12V car horns (high and low) wired so that each horn works on a different battery (running at 24 V). The best diesel air horn I have seen was done by a member of Bradford MES and he got a pair of air horns and cut the trumpet down. This considerably altered the note and sounded very realistic on a small shunting engine.
John Nicholson


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Posted: Wed 28th Sep 2011, 5:54pm

It takes a little more space but I have tried a 3 tone chime 'whoo-whoo' kids plastic train whistle with an airbed pump as the blower, linked by a piece of inner tube. This gives the high volume at low pressure that the whistle needs. It starts fairly quiet and works itself up to a scream, then dies away as the pump stops. A bit different, and less annoying for the neighbours!
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