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Posted: Fri 23rd Nov 2018, 12:14pm

What is the difference, if any, in size and appearance between Reeves Milner Hunslet and Blackgates "Lilla"

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Posted: Sun 25th Nov 2018, 6:04pm

Hello Andy,

I am sure you will find much relevant information about the Hunslet Engine Co. and the variety of its narrow gauge loco production by referring to the internet and numerous books on the subject. Certainly information is there corresponding to 7.25” gauge models, but I hope the following summary will be helpful as a basis for your research.

In full size the archetypal, diminutive 0-4-0ST Hunslet ‘quarry’ loco was (and still is) a compact but hard-working loco. There were many design variations in full size, with no surprise that model engineers would be inspired to model them. One such variant has become synonymous with designer/builder J. Milner and like its full-size counterparts has been both popular and well ‘up to the job’ on the 7.25” scene for many years. Plans and castings have been marketed by the supplies company Reeves. The Milner design is generally accepted as being of 4” scale i.e. 4” to 1 foot, or 1/3rd scale. Measurements work out at (approx.) 48” long over buffer beam, 21.5” wide and height (with full cab and tall chimney) around 34”.

The Hunslet ‘Lilla’ was a ‘one-off’ loco in full size; although much larger (and more powerful) than the quarry types, some similar design features are evident. Many have been built as models in various scales. The late R. Harrison designed Lilla as a 3.5” gauge model, ‘doubling-up’ the drawings for the 7.25” gauge version to a scale of approx. 3.5” to 1 foot. Plans and castings available from suppliers Blackgates Engineering. Measurements would work out at (approx.) 54” long, 21” wide and height 32”. The design in 7.25” gauge makes for a powerful loco which some have even preferred to build as a very large ‘quarry type’.

Other ‘quarry Hunslet’ designs and scales have been built for ‘our’ gauge; these are not covered here.

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