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Milner Hunslet Project


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Posted: Mon 6th Apr 2015, 1:41pm
Milner Hunslet Project

I was wondering if anyone would know, or have experience with the construction of the ashpan/grate for a Milner Hunslet.
I have an original set of drawings, which seem to be missing some detail regarding the ashpan.
I have also just received a new cast iron grate from a well know model engineering supplies company, which appears to be too wide to fit in the firebox. The firebox is to drawing.
Does anyone have a current set of drawings detailing this area, or any info/pictures on the above.

Kind Regards,


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Posted: Sun 19th Apr 2015, 3:12pm

Hello John, if you send a message to roystondthomas at outlook dot com I'll send some photos of mine. The grate castings I had (they are cast iron and came with the other original castings) didn't quite fit into the firebox and had to be made a bit smaller. The ashpan is more or less to the Milner drawing with an adjustable damper.


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Posted: Fri 1st May 2015, 6:44pm

i have just replaced my 4 inch milner hunslet boiler and have an original milner grate and ashpan off the original boiler that is now redundant.This was made by Milner so I dont have a drawing to compare it to but it was on the original boiler made in 1976 and it is heavy enough to be cast iron.Let me know if you need sizes or are interested in the complete ashpan/grate.John
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