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Opinions/experience of Compass House battery-electric loco's

Chris B

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Posted: Sat 21st Jan 2012, 6:11pm
Opinions/experience of Compass House battery-electric loco's

Our club is thinking about getting a club loco and have looked at the Compass House range possibly the Hymek. Any comments would be gladly received on members experience with any of the mainline diesel types refering to durability / reliability.



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Posted: Sun 22nd Jan 2012, 9:25pm

I have a 7.1/4"g Compass House Metropolitan which runs well. I took Metropolitan Rly. Crest, & had copies made for the sides, & I also purchased some L.T. style numerals for it. I have also ridden behind Sarah Siddons during the last 2 years between Amersham-Edgeware Road whilst it was running trips one week-end,(which it does a couple of times per year), & it is truly a museum piece! I also visited John Hampden which is in Covent Garden Museum, in London. Our club has since also bought a S/H one in last year. The biggest problem I found was the small control box, this had a round knob on it, & frankley could be cause of accidents if driver was careless. Then Compass House said they were improving it, but I gave up waiting & I now have a finger-tip control from I think Messrs 4QD on it. It is completely safe & I would even let a novice drive it now. I have that type of control on another loco. of mine. The moment your finger comes off the trigger, it stops, whereas I had seen two locos. run away at various times with the former arrangement. A friend who is an electrical expert, also fitted a better arrangement for the horns, although that was not important, its just an improvement. I would add that 4QD, or Parkside are the people to consult on most electrical problems, I have had good service from both.
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