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Over Winter Storage


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Posted: Tue 20th Nov 2018, 2:51pm
Over Winter Storage

Please can I ask what precautions members take for locomotives stored over the winter in unheated conditions?
I have drained all the water from the tanks and as much from the boiler as possible, left all the valves open to allow air to circulate.
I have heard of some placing a low wattage light bulb in the firebox just to give a little warmth.
Any other suggestions?

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Posted: Tue 20th Nov 2018, 10:05pm

Get an old duvet or sleeping bag or two over it.


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Posted: Sat 8th Dec 2018, 10:46pm

You can get very small tubular greenhouse heaters as well to put in firebox


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Posted: Mon 17th Dec 2018, 10:46pm

May I suggest you wash the boiler before putting it away? Be sure to wash the fireside as well as the waterside. After washing, fill the boiler with compressed air, run it back and forth on air, and blow out all the auxiliaries and lines.
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