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Regulator problems on 3.5" gauge Duchess


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Posted: Wed 1st Feb 2012, 8:13am
Regulator problems on 3.5" gauge Duchess

A friend has bought a 3.5" gauge Duchess from an estate sale and on its first hydraulic test is weeping around the regulator. It is an awesome piece of engineering and we're trying to figure out how the regulator and superheaters have been put together so we don't take more apart than we have to.

We don't know who's design it is (Reeves don't list it) but we really need the drawaings for the regulator.

Can anyone help?


PS. I know it is a bit smaller than what we are used to, but he's a nice lad and it has historic significance to the club we both belong to.

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Posted: Wed 18th Nov 2015, 8:36pm

The 3.5 inch G LMS Duchess was designed by Clarkson Engineering of York, but they ceased trading about 30 years ago. I built a 3.5 inch G boiler for the Clarkson duchess about 25 years ago and may have an old drawing of the boiler. The biggest problem is that the boiler has only about 3/8 inch taper in about 18 inch length. The easiest and safest solution is to use a parallel barrel and then you make the taper in wood strips which are glued to the copper barrel.
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