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Sight feed lubricator


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Posted: Mon 10th Oct 2011, 7:13am
Sight feed lubricator


My loco is all up and running now, just a slight issue with getting the site feed lubricator to work.
So a few questions yet again please !

When initialy filling the tank, do i fill it just completely with oil or do i need a dribble of water in the bottom to get the prosess all started ?


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Posted: Tue 11th Oct 2011, 5:04pm

Hi Chris, do you mean a displacement lubricator? I have fitted one on the supply line to my steam brake (on a Thomas II variant)and I find that if I fill it with oil to the very top it doesn't feed at all. However if I leave a gap ie so that you can just see the top of the steam feed, then it works well and uses all the oil in a full days driving on the Beer Heights Light Railway. Others will inevitably have different views! regards

Bob Pearce

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Posted: Fri 14th Oct 2011, 9:37am

Hi Chris,
From your title "Sight feed lubricator" I would take that you have a hydrostatic lubricator fitted to your loco, where the oil passes through a glass sight tube on its way to the cylinders. I have one of these fitted to my Kerr Stuart "Skylark" class loco. Before lighting up I remove the filler plug and the drain plug on the bottom of the lubricator tank and drain out the water that has condensed from the previous days running and wait until oil starts to drip out. Then I refit the drain plug and fill the lubricator, this takes sometime due to the thicknes of cold steam oil and just when you think its full it goes down again due to air getting trapped. When it is full all the way to the top I then refit the filler plug. I then raise steam and when the loco is up to near full pressure I open the steam supply to the lubricator and within a minute or so I see a blog of oil pass up the sight glass, this can be regulated with the valve fitted at the bottom of the sight glass. With my loco I regulate the oil to around a blog of oil through the sight glass every 20-30 seconds which seems to be OK for it but you can gauge this by looking at the chimney, if the soot is very oily after running you are over oiling and need to trim down the rate of oil passing through the sight glass. One thing to beware of with this type of lubricator is that they are pressure dependant, they work well with the loco near or at full working pressure. If the boiler pressure drops then so does the level of oil supplied to the cylinders, so you need to keep an eye on the sight glass, if the pressure goes down you will need to adjust the control valve or steam supply accordingly to compensate. Hope the information is of help.

Best Regards

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