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The ultimate 7 1/4” passenger coach for the Model Engineering Society

Andries Keyser

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Posted: Tue 20th Sep 2011, 4:47pm
The ultimate 7 1/4” passenger coach for the Model Engineering Society

On our side of the equator passenger numbers have been on the steady rise, our record standing at 1400 odd passengers on a running Sunday over the less than 1km track, people waiting for up to 40 minutes for a ride, yes this town is seriously short of entertainment.

The problem faced at our track in particular is the very steep grades, and so we run short two sit astride coach trains, capable of accommodating about 5 adults per coach. On top of that, the rolling stock is now 25 years old and was built by different blokes over the years so noting matches! This makes servicing a nightmare!

At the moment I have convinced the committee that we should invest a new standardised bogie that we have now designed and built two off to be fitted on Saturday for trails, pictures to follow shortly.
So I guess the main question here is:
If you could design the ultimate high volume, lightweight, durable, passenger car, what would it look like? What would it be made off?

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Peter Beevers

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Posted: Tue 20th Sep 2011, 7:58pm

Standardisation is a must, along with a pool of spares. That way, you can react to failures quickly and with little visible effect.
To make a passenger car that stands up to the abuse that the general public hands out, lightweight is just not possible. Our bogies are simple laser cut frames from 12mm steel plate, with similar ends. Chassis are made from 50x25x3 box section steel, and the bodies are sit-in made from 20mm ply, with reinforced ends and top edges. Heavy, but last almost forever.
Our railway is 1/2 mile long, on our busiest days we carry nearly 2,000 passengers, and we've been doing it for 25 years too.
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