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Thomas the tanks engine


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Posted: Sun 21st Nov 2010, 6:40pm
Thomas the tanks engine


I want to build a 7 1/4 thomas the tanks engine (electric)
Do some one have some drawings for it?

regards Michiel Wagenaar The Hauge

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Posted: Sun 21st Nov 2010, 9:53pm

There are various types of locomotive used as Thomas on Britain's steam railways, the most common is the LMS Jinty, which was produced by Scaleway, then Fincken Railways but I'm not sure who currently has ownership of the
design. The Mid Hant's Thomas was build by replacing the saddle tank on a Austerity 0-6-0 (see LNER J94)by side tanks. The J94 was also a Scaleway product
The Manchester ship canal locos (Gothenburg and Lady Armaghdale) have also been used but are currently in authentic colours. The original steam loco in the stories is based a Southern railway's E2 0-6-0 tank.
There are also several outside cylindered locos which are made to look like Thomas, the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway, Lakeside and Hatherswaite and Boness and Kinneil, I think. Most of these are featured on the respective railway web sites

So the simple answer is there are many Thomas's!
the easiest to do would be one of the outside cylinder loco and use the Holmside design and use electric motors between the frames if not using steam power. I might have a drawing for the Manchester ship canal locos somewhere.

One note of caution I would advise against putting a face on the loco as there have seen several situations where the railway has received a letter from the owners of the Thomas Tank Engine copyright.

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