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What Coal do you all use ?


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Posted: Fri 23rd Sep 2016, 3:26pm
What Coal do you all use ?

Hi, at our railway we are using a Romulus for the main passenger rides but of late have had an issue with coal.
It was run on Phurnacite for many years with out any problems at all with a local supply out here in the Fens so it worked well for us.
BUT they changed the way it was made and increased dramatically the amount of slate in it, causing it to cover everything us and the passengers.
We have been through various makes of coal and nothing seems to work well for us, we are using anthracite at the moment and it steams very well on it BUT we seem to have huge clinker issues in that after most running days the grate needs removing to clean it all off as well as fishing bits out during the day.
We would be interested to here what coal and experiences everyone else has please. Many Thanks The Fenland Light Railway

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Peter Beevers

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Posted: Fri 23rd Sep 2016, 4:22pm

Anthracite. Burns nice and hot. Seive it first to get rid of the dust. Yes, it can clinker, but that's what the rake's for.


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Posted: Fri 23rd Sep 2016, 5:19pm

I my experience different locos require different coal in different sizes. However, we have found that Ffossi Fran coal (from Merthyr Tydfil) is the best for many. Burns hot, little or no clinker, very little ash in the smokebox. I first came across when running at Peco about three years ago, introduced it to our club and have used it ever since. We get it in various sizes, but some still run on anthracite.


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Posted: Fri 23rd Sep 2016, 5:36pm

I've been running my Romulus on Signal Fuels Welsh Steam Coal small nuts, ever since the Echiles Wood AGM. (Don't know which mine they get it from).

Like Micks, it lights easily, burns well, and doesn't tend to go out if left for short periods, little ash, very little clinker (alomost none). Billy at Woodseaves M.R. runs his Rom on it as well. Absolutely no complaints.

I find that grate design also has a big effect. I have 5mm bars with 5mm gaps.



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Posted: Sat 24th Sep 2016, 7:26am

try Parker fuels 01594 542787, who will deliver a pallet load of welsh anthracite, in mixed sizes if you want, to most places in the Uk.
It burns well, and we use it now at Parklands railway.
Some members have switched to using smaller sized coal, ie beans, which seem to burn easier.


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Posted: Wed 28th Sep 2016, 9:07pm

We used to use Signal Fuels, gave it up as a bad job. We now use WDS from a place in Nuneaton
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