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turnover unit


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Posted: Tue 22nd Jul 2014, 2:04pm
turnover unit

Where can I buy a turnover unit ti inspect the bottom of the tender?


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Posted: Tue 22nd Jul 2014, 6:59pm

In my house they are found all along the settee. You lay them down alongside, and just roll it over. I think they're called cushions?

I'm NOT married of course!


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Posted: Wed 23rd Jul 2014, 7:48pm

Have you no access to an inspection pit at a railway, or lifting tackle...?


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Posted: Thu 24th Jul 2014, 8:07am

I agreewith XZ. We've just readjusted the brakes on our club loco's tender as I do with my own for ELLA, which is to roll it over onto something soft (use old chair cushions, NOT from the domestic source!)It's much easier having it upside down or on its side than working under the tender in a pit or on a hoist. I've tried them all.

Peter Beevers

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Posted: Fri 25th Jul 2014, 3:45pm

I can only agree - at our railway, when the disc brakes need adjusting, we use this method for our passenger coaches. Much easier than trying to fiddle about underneath.
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