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Posted: Wed 2nd Aug 2017, 11:36pm
Visiting Private Railways


Dear Members,

This section has been written following recent reports of uninvited and unsolicited callers at private railway premises by so-called ‘enthusiasts’ who misguidedly believe it is OK to invasively investigate what may, or may not be a current facility.

In disregarding privacy and/or conducting themselves in a demanding manner, on occasion including trespass, these individuals obviously cause great concern to those who have been approached. The reports cite certain ‘enthusiasts’ as claiming to be Society members (as partial identities only were disclosed, in fairness it is not known if the culprits are or have ever been actual Society members).

Thankfully such reports are rare yet we sympathise with those affected by thoughtless actions. In order to encourage and preserve genuine enthusiasm for our railway interest, we should remind ourselves to adopt the appropriate etiquette if wishing to investigate any matter of interest. By simply adopting the time-honoured method of approaching a private person or railway with a courteous advance enquiry, hopefully a favourable response will follow, resulting in enjoyment for all.

Etiquette includes complying with a railway owner’s wishes concerning access to specific areas of premises and the taking and/or subsequent distribution/publication
of photo/video work. It’s easy to just ask permission; if someone wishes to preserve his/her privacy entirely, this can then be respected without causing any concern.
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