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25th Anniversary at Drumawhey Junction


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Posted: Wed 24th Aug 2016, 2:38pm
25th Anniversary at Drumawhey Junction

Many thanks for a great weekend organised by the members of the Belfast and County Down Miniature Railway Society Ltd. Their 25th anniversary was really well organised and as you would expect in Northern Ireland a welcoming friendly atmosphere. It has been 17 years since I last visited which was the A.G.M. in 1999; I was pleasantly surprised how the site has been developed. When you arrive at the site you cross the railway via a road bridge then through a level crossing into the large loading/unloading area where you have plenty of room to manoeuvre both vehicle and trailer. They have installed a traverser at trailer height which can be moved to align with your vehicle, saving you manoeuvring the trailer into an exact position. This feature is particularly good if you have two tracks on the trailer for both loco and tender. The traverser’s lateral movement is long enough to allow possibly three unloading vehicles side by side which will save time when things get busy. When you have unloaded there is a separate trailer park which saves congesting the loading unloading area. There is another carpark for the visiting public again separate to the trailer parking or unloading areas. The track is superb built with 6lbs & 8lbs a yard rail, the route has been extended to include a running line which allows continuous running on an outer circle. There is a loop which takes you from Kilmaine junction to Badgers, creating a two road main line. The experience of driving on the track is really good; since I was last there a lot more shrubs and trees have grown and because the track is long with varying routes controlled by the driver, you feel you are on a real journey. The toilets, station, signal-box, engine-shed, carriage-shed and steaming bays are well thought out but it would take too long to describe here as they have so many good features. The track and facilities at Drumawhey are really simple even for large visiting engines; I can’t wait for our next visit.

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