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4QD Professional 120 Controller Question


Joined: 10-03-21

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Posted: Mon 7th Jun 2021, 1:51pm
4QD Professional 120 Controller Question

My son has a 7 1/4 inch Diesel loco running with this 4QD controller, and wants to add a horn. I have "buzzed out" the violet and pink wires from the socket and have established they appear as a contact closure when the "horn " button is pushed on the controller, so am looking to run this in series with a 12v supply, to engage a coil on a 12v relay to power the horn. I am just concerned about putting 12v in series and what it might do to the controller. I know you can get a Horn Relay Board 324 from 4QD, but seems overkill if my way works, as I have some spare relays. Any advice would be appreciated.

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George C

Joined: 1-06-21

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Posted: Mon 7th Jun 2021, 4:56pm

When you talk about the "horn button on the controller, are you really talking about the handset? There are no buttons on any 4QD controller that I use.

I can't advise on a 4QD handset as I have made my own for my locos. Have you looked on the 4QD website for a wiring diagram? that might solve your problem.

Lynne L

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Posted: Tue 8th Jun 2021, 11:33am

I don't know what the current 4QD handset is like, but from memory on the older handsets the horn was controlled but a centre off toggle switch.
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