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A thank you to the committee


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Posted: Tue 30th Jun 2020, 9:25am
A thank you to the committee

These are strange times and for voluntary organisations which always struggle to find enough volunteers to fill roles anyway perhaps particularly difficult.
I can only speak for myself here, but personally I have never begrudged paying my society membership because I get so much enjoyment from the AGM's and magazines, so I was particularly grateful for the offer of reduced subscription fee next year and would like to thank the committee for this.
However for my part I will willingly pay the full £25-00 and if the balance can be used to make the 2021 AGM even better then it would be well spent. Perhaps the option to donate the additional £15-00 could be provided when subs come up for renewal ?

Thank you all again for your work on our behalf and let's hope that 2021 sees a return to a more or less 'normal' hobby.

Kind Regards, Ivan (1065)

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Posted: Tue 30th Jun 2020, 12:20pm

Totally agree with Ivans comments. Thank you all for your continued hard work. Well done.


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Posted: Tue 30th Jun 2020, 7:24pm

Yes I also agree with both Ivan and Alan I am also willing to pay my £25.00 full membership next year. As I am a fairly new member of the Society I enjoy reading the magazine for help and tips. We'll done to all your hard work thank you.
Regards to all and please stay safe.
Gloria 5923.

Alan Pollock

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Posted: Tue 14th Jul 2020, 9:51pm

Hi Guy's

I'll make that 4 members willing to pay the full fee and am greatfull for what the committee dose weather we agree or not.

This might seem a strange comment to some of you but I believe that I should pay the correct price for membership the full price (£25) especially in these times if I can afford it that way the society know that they have my full financial support

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