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British miniature locomotives database


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Posted: Fri 26th Apr 2019, 2:34pm
British miniature locomotives database

A post on Facebook has made me aware of this database. Finding it has raised a number of issues regarding the use/publication of personal information.

You may wish to look and consider if you are happy with information about yourself and locomotive being included in this database.

Those responsible for the database feel they are acting legally and in the best interests of the hobby, however, a significant number of people believe they are acting outside the GDPR legislation and very unhappy with this being publicly available with no options for contacting those responsible for publishing the personal data.

It is a shame that this was not brought to a wider audience before it was published so that concerns could have been raised to ensure that it went smoothly rather than upset a considerable number of model engineers.

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Posted: Fri 26th Apr 2019, 6:41pm

Martyn, I understand your concerns and thank you for bringing it to our attention. I will put on record here that I object to any of my details being included without my express written permission (unlikely). The late David Holroyde's records, which they are using, were a personal archive and not intended for publication.

Bob Gray.


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Posted: Fri 26th Apr 2019, 11:32pm

Xs at the moment there have been some improvements ie you can now contact them and they have published a data protection statement. Most of us who have read it believe it does not meet the requirements in particular they are hiding the data when asked to remove personal data and they are insisting that it is opt out which is wrong as far as GDRP is concerned.

At the moment I can only suggest anyone worried should contact them and insist their data is removed. Should it not be the next course of action is to complain to the Information Commissioner at which point the fines get very hefty for those running an illegal database.

A few people have tried to point this out but so far with only limited success.


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Posted: Mon 29th Apr 2019, 10:08am

Hi All
I saw this link pop up on facebook recently and wondered what it was, then fortunately saw Martyn pick up on it, again in facebook and so took a look.
I am not sure what the site is aiming to be, or why ? I was happy to share my details with Dave Holroyde on the basis that his extensive research could potentially build to a real historic artefact of miniature railway locomotives. Dave was a lovely guy and I admit I never thought to ask what would happen to the records, but I would have expected anyone taking over his records to then contact each participant individually - as I expect GDPR to dictate, it being an opt in process - prior to any publication. The internet is a leaky bucket as proved by any number of data loss issues that most of us will have encountered and as Martyn says 'hiding the data' is not the same as deleting it. From my initial searches on the site however the data is incomplete and so not a real record of anything in any case. However if there are hidden details held by the owners of the site then who knows what lurks here to be found by unscrupulous users ?
I am saddened to see Dave's research cheapened and displayed in such a half cocked and probably illegal manner. These are of course only my views and it has no implications to this society in any way, except of course that many members may wish to check what of theirs may be on the site. Thanks for highlighting this Martyn.
Kind Regards, Ivan


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Posted: Mon 29th Apr 2019, 2:33pm

The Society expressed their concern when the estate of David Holroyde was known. We were assured that the details would remain confidential and this appears to be the case. Where the current information originates is not known.
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