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Chuck stuck in tailstock

Richard S.

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Posted: Sun 14th Sep 2014, 12:08am
Chuck stuck in tailstock

Being very much a part-time model I left the chuck in the tailstock last time I used it and now a good few months later I can't release the chuck to do some reaming, no signs of rust and I keep lathe oiled. I removed the tailstock spindle but unable to tap chuck out from the rear, any suggestions/ tips? Lathe is a Boxford 280. Tailstock spindle is free moving.

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Posted: Sun 14th Sep 2014, 9:17pm


Been there, done that (but on a much older Boxford).

Presuming the issue is that end of the chuck taper is not coming in contact with the tail stock leadscrew and thus self-ejecting.

Method 1:
Make a short (1" should be sufficient) rod that will fit down inside the tail stock barrel and effectively be the missing "tang" of the MT. Reinstall in the tail stock and wind in.

Method 2:
Remove barrel from tail stock, with a length of wooden dowel (ramin if you can get it) attempt to dislodge the chuck by hitting the end of the dowel. Do this over a pile of rag for the chuck to land in.



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Posted: Sun 21st Sep 2014, 11:31am

Richard,try this: method 1:remove tailstock barrel,put a drift up the back end,hold barrel with a strong glove,and wack drift with a 2lb hammer.
method 2:dip barrel in hot oil for a few seconds,hold with welding glove,then as method 1
method 3:you can buy forked wedges to remove drill chucks,try rotagrip,birmingham. kind regards,Alan.
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