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Coal usage


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Posted: Sun 4th Nov 2018, 2:56pm
Coal usage

Apparently DEFRA are looking to reduce coal usage in the UK.

How will this affect our hobby? ... will it mean coal will be harder to get and hence push prices up? .... what's the real story here ?

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Peter Beevers

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Posted: Sun 4th Nov 2018, 4:06pm

Currently, DEFRA plan to outlaw coal burning full stop. The HRA is looking into getting a derogation to this to allow our hobby to continue. However, less coal burnt (e.g. no more domestic coal) will undoubtedly push the price up and could make the whole supply chain uneconomic, so there are many unwanted side effects of this. Please write to your MP and support DEFRA in cutting carbon emissions but still allowing hobby usage.
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