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Getting young people involved


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Posted: Tue 22nd Nov 2016, 2:18pm
Getting young people involved

Hi All

Riverside Miniature Railway seeks to be a fully inclusive miniature railway at our home in St Neots. For us this also means encouraging youngsters to become involved with construction and operation of our railway.

What is considered the youngest age for individual membership and assuming there is a minimum then how can we retain the interest of those even younger ? For example it is probably unreasonable for a 10 year old to become a member, if for child protection reasons alone. So let's assume that their parent is a member, how can we then engage the child ?

We are considering using the proficiency scheme from this society as part of our membership process.

Thoughts and comments from others experience welcomed.

Kind Regards, Ivan (1065 - Chairman RMRC)

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Posted: Tue 22nd Nov 2016, 6:59pm

Hi Ivan

good luck with your project.

Do you really want to be fully inclusive? I ask because building and operating a miniature railway requires skills, enthusiasm, commitment, and lots of time. I know it ticks lots of boxes for grants and things, but as you have identified has several issues that need to be worked out and understood before you start.

At Halton we have some excellent junior members, who are fully capable of looking after themselves, understand the importance of safety, and are wiling to get involved in helping with maintenance and working trains, under supervision as appropriate.

Not long ago, we were approached by a lady who wanted to join so that her young son, who liked trains, had somewhere to go at a weekend. She would drop him off at the start of the day, and pick him up at the end. And in between we were expected to look after him and keep him entertained and safe!

We have a policy that junior members (under 16) can only be on site when the adult responsible for them is with them.

Our insurance policy (NAMES) also has some restrictions on what junior members can do, as does our risk assessment. This is especially so when dealing with members of the public (eg running passenger trains), and within the workshop.

You may also need to have members CRB (now Disclosure and Barring service) checked if you have children or vunerable adults on site.

You really need to look at what your club is looking to achieve, what facilities you have, and more importantly who you have to run the proficiency scheme etc ( and who will take over in their absence).

John Doyle
Halton Miniature Railway

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