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Green light to start operations?

Richard S.

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Posted: Wed 10th Jun 2020, 6:04am
Green light to start operations?

Given that the BBC is reporting that BoJo will today say outdoor attractions can reopen from the 15th June as long as they follow social distancing rules. Do you interpret it that we can restart miniature railway operations, so long as enclosed coaches are not used?

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Posted: Wed 10th Jun 2020, 7:58am

It does sound like it might be possible. However it will be down to you individual risk assessment and your procedures to keep people socially distanced and cleaning regime. My club have already taken the decision to not open in 2020 to protect the members as they are mostly in their 70s


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Posted: Wed 10th Jun 2020, 5:13pm

we have opened the club house to members with social distanceing
we have taken he decision not to run for the public due to the 2mt
rule on the trains, we might find that we will be unable to run next year until the distance rules change


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Posted: Wed 10th Jun 2020, 7:46pm

I do not want to commit my colleagues as we have a meeting tomorrow, but my expectation is that we are likely to be able to start running in a limited fashion from 4 Jul. This will require 2m distancing but enclosed coaches with internal screening (Perspex or PVC) or separating households via buffer vehicles would be ways of achieving this. There will be a loss of capacity. You would also need to consider 2m stripes on platforms, one way systems past takeaway only catering and so on. Another critical item is the availability of enough volunteers who are not self isolating. The ORR guidance to heritage railways is helpful


Joined: 1-12-05

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Posted: Fri 12th Jun 2020, 7:10pm

ESSMEE has started operations in a small way. Maximum of 10 people on site, no tea provided, one way system throughout and no public running.
Mind you we have a large gardening project to carry out just to see the rails.

Colin Edmondson

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Posted: Sun 14th Jun 2020, 10:22pm

With the assistance of the garden centre High Legh miniature railway are proposing to reopen in limited fashion from 20th June. Manager Kris Hinde put out this press release on Facebook;
"We are happy to announce that we will be re-opening on Saturday 20th June @ 11am - 4pm.
All safety precautions have been taken so that we are able to open safely.
- We have a one way system in place.
- Stand 2m (6ft) apart while queuing.
- We have a Hand Sanitiser station.
- Correct Cash is advised (£2pp) we have tried to implement a card system but the signal at High Legh is very poor an prevents us from taking card payments.
- 2 families per train, one family will be seated in Coach 1 and the second family in Coach 3 which gives a 10ft Social distance.
- All coaches will be disinfected after every ride.
All of our volunteers will be wearing gloves and masks an will keep a safe distance from you while you are with us.
We hope to see you all soon an bring even just a little enjoyment to you all at these difficult time."


Joined: 9-07-13

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Posted: Sun 14th Jun 2020, 11:44pm

I remain very concerned re non-essential meetings with the public, despite the precautions that some clubs are taking. I am not so concerned re infection transfer to children and younger adults as most of them will suffer little if they contract Covid. However, I would remain very cautious regarding volunteers who in many clubs will be more vulnerable as many will be both male and over 70.
However, for those clubs that will reopen, it would be really helpful if they could inform via the forum, any possible infections that may have occurred due to opening to the public as a warning to others - I hope there will be none.


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Posted: Mon 15th Jun 2020, 11:37am

With regard to the High Leigh proposal, I would ask what provision is there for the loco driver, he will not be 2 mtrs from the first coach?

I also largely agree with Nick, extreme care needs to be taken at all times, it is so easy to forget when your attention is elsewhere. I for one would be extremely unhappy if due to any resurgence this lockdown where to be extended.


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Posted: Wed 17th Jun 2020, 4:12pm

I would ask "why do you need to open to the public when it is so difficult to do so, and as XZ comments, has some risk?" I can understand if you absolutely need to for financial reasons, but we have budgeted and can get through a season without public income if we have to. Some projects will be postponed until money is available. At Abbeydale we are more or less back to normal maintenance, but that's all for now.
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