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Posted: Wed 10th Jun 2020, 8:18am

My new Walker Midgley Insurance Certificate has entirely blank spaces of "Insured Activities". When I queried this "insurers advised that it is important that references on the certificate aligns with the cover within the policy wording and therefore they do not see specific coverage items within the certificates. The important thing is that the certificate does show that you have Public Liability cover, up to your indemnity limit shown, and shows the dates of cover and your details and policy number, and therefore shows the existence of your cover.
However, we have raised a query with the insurers over showing some coverage on the certificate as it may potentially cause some issues and we are now waiting for their response, which hopefully may result in a revision to the certificates issued."

I think the blank space is at least confusing for the volunteer club member checking piles of these at a rally and would hope the 7.25 Society, as the sponsor, would intervene. But others may feel I an worrying unnecessarily? Or maybe this has already been taken up by someone in the know?

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Posted: Fri 19th Jun 2020, 4:57pm

I noticed this as well when I renewed, but as it showed that public liability cover was in existence, I was not too worried as it is for a private line at home, currently only operating for freight traffic - quite a bit between two houses that it connects. I do, however, need the cover as I do have "invited guests" on site under more normal circumstances.

Bromstead Rambler

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Posted: Sun 23rd May 2021, 1:41pm

I am in a similar position to Stephen, garden railway not open to general public, but with occasional invited guests. We have been asked to host a charity day with invited guests. Not had much luck with public liability insurance, is it possible on a private garden railway? Independent boiler inspection certs in place.


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Posted: Mon 24th May 2021, 8:17pm

Any railway that carries passengers regardless of any charges should have liability cover. Walker Midgley will arrange this as it would not be covered under a house insurance policy as that excludes any mechanical propelled item.
As regards the wording this is subject to correspondence with WM at the moment.
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