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Keeping in touch


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Posted: Wed 25th Mar 2020, 8:59pm
Keeping in touch

Now that we are more or less confined to our homes and most certainly our clubs have shut down it is vital for the well being of us all that we keep in touch with each other. This especially applies to club members who live alone, or may have lost their partners. There are a number of ways to do this. By Skype, Face Time, Whats App and a new one for me: Zoom. Some of our committee and myself had a forty minute chat this morning on Zoom. It's free at the basic level and can take up to fifteen participants. Even the government are using it ! Give online face to face communication a try and keep in touch with your fellow club members. At the most basic level, it's good to phone those members who live alone or are not very fit to just check how they are doing and assure them they are not forgotten.

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Posted: Thu 26th Mar 2020, 7:14am

Good point Mick I have found zoom as well so far not managed to get the committee to use it but trying. I am planning to set up a chat around the normal time members meet up in the clubhouse for all the members to meet up.

The free plan is up to 100
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