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Posted: Mon 7th Oct 2019, 11:40am

Going through some old News I found an advert for a company called Locolift. They sold a lifting/building/maintenance bench which was fitted with 7 1/4"G rails. The number on the advert was no longer for that company. Is there a supplier of such benches now?

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Posted: Mon 7th Oct 2019, 5:01pm

In the early 2000s the Handy Height company produced the fore-runner of the Locolift product, adapted from motorcycle lift technology. Several variants were available according to required track length, wheel/castor types etc. Handy Height was eventually taken over and re-branded Locolift, with a number of improvements and updates made to comply with industry requirements. Whilst the Locolift product was specifically aimed at the miniature railway market, it seemed demand was not enough to continue manufacture for long.

At the present time there are other products which may offer the appropriate lifting capability and investigation of the different types of motorcycle lift is recommended. If it is required to lift from near ground (track) level some of these lifts may suffice. Do be aware that some will lift vertically, others in an arc; most should lift to bench height. With small wheels/castors they are not so easy to move around when loaded, however. Also look for 'scissor lifts' on the internet.

For what it's worth, I researched a lift for my own modest requirements and acquired a 'mini stacker' with 400kgs capability. It offers both forks or flat tray loading area and will lift from almost ground (i.e. track) level to approx. 1 meter. It differs from other lifts in that long items are best transversely placed, but manoevreability when loaded is good in small areas - even though that requires practice!

Hope that helps.
Good luck!



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Posted: Mon 7th Oct 2019, 6:15pm

What are you looking for and what weight do you need to lift? I looked at motorcycle lifts then found SJR garage equipment and bought a 2.7 ton capacity car scissor lift for less than the biggest motorcycle lift added a couple of 3 m long 100 X 50 channels as track and had a very good piece of kit. In my case I cut a pit in the loco shed floor so it stays in there permanently and when lowered is flush with the floor, track comes in from the turntable. You could however use it as a portable unit wheeling it around wherever you want. When not lifting a loco it makes a very good variable height workbench. Talk to Sam at SJR my only connection is as a very satisfied customer, they are on Merseyside


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Posted: Thu 10th Oct 2019, 5:55pm

Thanks for your replies. I'll contact SJR as they sound promising. Also I have relatives on Merseyside so a trip North would please my wife.
Best wishes

Jack Meatcher (191)
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