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Max Steam Pressure on Test


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Posted: Tue 23rd Mar 2010, 9:14pm
Max Steam Pressure on Test

Hello - I'm a new member, now living in Brittany. I'm just about to buy my first miniature engine, although I've been involved with traction engines in the UK for many years.

The builder of my engine tells me that they're having a bit of trouble setting the safety valves to the correct pressure, and I'm currently waiting to hear from them that the issue has been resolved, but just out of interest...

On full size road engines, in the UK, we are allowed to go 10% over the 'red line' on a live steam test, with the blower on and the damper open, before the Inspector considers the safety valves to be in need of adjustment. Is there the same latitude with miniature engines, or is the 'red line' the absolute maximum permitted?



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Posted: Wed 24th Mar 2010, 8:46pm

Yes you are. However, the term 'blower open' has to be defined. The blower has to be opened 'flat out' and the safety valves must contain the pressure within 110% of the certificated working pressure. If the safety valves cannot contain the pressure inside 110% of WP then the blower capacity is too strong and must be reduced and/or the safety valves must be modified/replaced so that they can.
Hope this helps

Peter Beevers

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Posted: Thu 25th Mar 2010, 8:58am

Sorry, I can't let the previous one go by without comment. If the safety valves cannot contain the pressure within 10% of WP, no matter how hard you fire, then the safety valves are not big enough and MUST be replaced immediately.


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Posted: Fri 9th Apr 2010, 8:15am

If your loco's boiler capacity is above 25 litres, you will need to get itb professionally tested by either APAVE or VERITAS, if you run it in public. This is French law. Our TINKER is one such. But - its safety valves are KUNKLE, factory pre-set and certificated. This is acceptable (welcomed) by the APAVE inspector here.

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