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Joined: 2-01-14

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Posted: Fri 10th Jan 2014, 12:05pm

Just joined, I can't find a place for new member introductions so I'm supposing it comes under general stuff? Anyway here goes, I don't have an existing railway or locomotive but am keen to establish at my place in France, it's in Haute Saone which no one seems to have heard of? 350 miles south of Calais and well to the east only about 50 miles from the Swiss border, nearest Cities are Dijon and Besancon. Mt place is not big by 7.1/4 railway standards but still plenty of room for several hundred metres of track, it's a challenging site with two different levels of ground. I'm rather excited about establishing the track and have a love and some experience of civil engineering, I have a 3 ton tracked excavator and a 3 ton dumper permanently on site. I don't want to be too ambitious just yet but would like to establish some track on the lower level of the site this summer and obtain a locomotive though initially nothing as grand as live steam, so I'm thinking more in terms of battery electric or petrol electric/hydraulic. I have good workshop facilities at my UK home in Bristol and transport available for up to 3 tons it's no problem moving equipment. Anyone in France in my area with similar interests? Please mail me if interested in contact either UK or France but regret my command of the French language is not that great, my membership 5158 Best wishes Davina

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Joined: 1-01-94

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Posted: Fri 10th Jan 2014, 12:20pm

Welcome to the world of 7 1/4" gauge, you sound to have a very interesting project lined up, shame it is so far away. In terms of loco, petrol electric tends to be cheaper that battery electric and can be put together very quickly, either from scratch, kit of parts or of course bought outright. Good luck


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Posted: Fri 10th Jan 2014, 3:27pm

Welcome Davina, this part is as good as any other to introduce yourself. Keep an eye open in the For Sale section, there are plenty of locos changing hands all the time. There are also quite a few manufacturers in the Trade section and some of those will have second-hand stock as well. Sounds like you're out to have fun.

Bob Gray.

P.S. Bet your French is better than mine!
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