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Steel boiler paperwork


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Posted: Sat 5th Jun 2010, 8:39am
Steel boiler paperwork

Could I ask some advice? I am interested in purchasing a stalled loco building project which was started twenty odd years ago and is complete with a then new steel boiler which of course has still not been used. However, the boiler has no documentation or identification, and its history is now unknown. Can such a boiler be tested and issued with acceptable certification or is it a non- starter? Thank you.

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Peter Beevers

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Posted: Wed 16th Jun 2010, 7:08am

The simple answer is: Ask your boiler tester.
The slightly more complex answer is that, assuming the boiler was built 20 years ago, then it does not come under the current legislation. However, without material certificates and some record of who built it, your boiler tester may be somewhat wary of it.


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Posted: Thu 17th Jun 2010, 11:54am

Further to Peters reply, the simple answer is that yes, it CAN be tested under both Northern and Southern fed boiler testing guidelines. However, as Peter also says it is dependant on the individual boiler inspector and whether they are comfortable with doing so. When I was a club tester I was always more happy with steel boilers than copper as my profession was designing steel and stainless pressure vessels. Most inspectors however tend to be happier with copper as that is what they have historically worked with.

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