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Thanks for a Great AGM


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Posted: Sun 12th Oct 2014, 7:20pm
Thanks for a Great AGM

I just wish to say a great big thank you to all who were involved in giving us a really great AGM (again).

The East Somerset lads and lasses pulled out all the stops and everything ran as smooth as silk. I managed a good ten (real) miles round the track on the two sessions that I ran, with very minimal hold-ups, largely due to the expert signalling crew. That track is NOT as flat as it looks, as anyone pulling any sort of load will testify! Good fun all round! Well done!!!

Our own Committee should also not be forgotten as they indeed did their bit as well.

I will say it yet again, any of our members who have not attended an AGM really do not know what they are missing!

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Posted: Sun 12th Oct 2014, 7:58pm

Thanks to all who came. My team really enjoyed the week and the wide range of equipment on show was fantastic. The help we had at the end was great This was the 71/4 Society at its best.
Many Thanks


George Coles

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Posted: Mon 13th Oct 2014, 8:39am

We'd like to echo David's comments. Many thanks to all. It would be invidious to name a few and leave other worthies out, but Jon's chortle and Daniel's emulation of an early rotating signal will stay with us.
The tape breaking ceremony was really funny. For those who want to know, we did 112 laps in all, shared between the Deutz and the railcar.
We plan to return next year if you'll have us!
Best wishes,
George and Doreen


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Posted: Mon 13th Oct 2014, 9:18am

Thank you so much to everyone involved in organising another wonderful AGM. Nothing was too much trouble for the ESSMEE members and all their preparatory work paid off handsomely. Well done the 7¼ Committee for choosing the venue too!


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Posted: Mon 13th Oct 2014, 1:34pm

I also wish to thank ESSMEE for holding this years AGM and the wonderfull job they did.
If you are intrested, I have now uploaded the photo Gilly and myself took. They can see them at As normal if you want any copys please let us know and we will send them to you.
Just for intrest, I recorded 31 Steam, 17 Battery, 7 internal conbustion Loco's and 2 Human Powered Items.

From Gilly:-
I would also like to thank ESSMEE and the socitey members for making the weekend so enjoyable.


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Posted: Mon 13th Oct 2014, 3:15pm

Many thanks to all involved, a great venue, well organised, great people, which made for a great weekend.

Nige Freestone

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Posted: Mon 13th Oct 2014, 4:29pm

I would also like to add my thanks to all concerned (including all who attended) with this years AGM and thank you for making it a successful and memorable one to end my time both on the Committee and as Chairman of the Society.
Many thanks and best regards,


Joined: 9-08-09

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Posted: Mon 13th Oct 2014, 8:29pm

Can I add my thanks to all involved as well. Despite Stumpy having a fit of the sulks I really enjoyed the weekend and was given a lot of support in finding the faults by the home team, thanks guys.


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Posted: Mon 13th Oct 2014, 8:55pm

I would like to add my thanks,for a great agm,the track was good,and the organisation good;but the enthusiasm of our hosts really made the event....thanks everyone. Alan.


Joined: 1-01-70

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Posted: Mon 13th Oct 2014, 8:57pm

I would like to add my thanks,for a great agm,the track was good,and the organisation good;but the enthusiasm of our hosts really made the event....thanks everyone. Alan.


Joined: 25-06-07

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Posted: Mon 13th Oct 2014, 9:00pm

Thanks to all hard working folk from ESSMEE, and for letting me add an extra track to their turntable. Special thanks to the lady who brought me delicious cheese, the young lad who went up to my car for the can of petrol so I could stay on the track, the guy who found a booklet on the fair (with actually a photograph taken 110 years ago 3 miles from my home on the cover) and for the cold wind defying signal chaps, they kept smiling, flagging and wishing me fun. I truly had fun. Well worth the trip, I hope to see you all again next year!

PS this is actually sent through the showground's wifi, due to a little miscalculation I'm overstaying an extra night in my tent.


Joined: 1-01-77

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Posted: Mon 13th Oct 2014, 11:11pm

As the secretary of our society, I would like to add my thanks to all at ESSMEE for all the hard work and superb way in which they very efficiently organised the weekend at Bath & West Showground. We were all made to feel very welcome.

7 1/4 gauge members who came to the AGM weekend from all over the UK and Europe also deserve a thank you for making the weekend such an enjoyable one. A good weekend for meeting friends old and new, and to enjoy a common interest

The committee look forward to welcoming members to next years AGM at the kind invitation to the Hereford Society of Model Engineers,at Broomy Hill, Hereford on 11th - 13th September 2015


Joined: 1-01-89

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Posted: Tue 14th Oct 2014, 12:00am

Can only echo what has already been said by others. Really enjoyed the weekend as did all the guy's from Oxford who travelled down.

Thanks to everyone who helped in anyway.


Joined: 1-01-85

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Posted: Tue 14th Oct 2014, 9:14am

Hi All

I really want to add my thanks, to the growing list in this thread,to all those involved with this years AGM, the committee, the Bath and West Society and everyone else who played any part, including everyone who turned out over the extended weekend.
Excellent weather, excellent company, excellent railway - brilliant fun !!

Thank you !!

Ivan. 1065


Joined: 1-01-70

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Posted: Tue 14th Oct 2014, 10:49am

By looking at the photos i can see everyone had a great time. I will try to attend next year.


Joined: 9-08-09

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Posted: Tue 14th Oct 2014, 11:49am

My thanks to all who made this such a great event. Lets hope we will have similar weather and benefits at Hereford nest year.


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Posted: Tue 14th Oct 2014, 6:42pm

On behalf of Chris and myself we would like to add our thanks to the ESSMEE for organising a super AGM for us all. The rostering of all locos went faultlessly which was a credit to all concerned. Well Done!


Joined: 1-01-92

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Posted: Sat 18th Oct 2014, 8:20pm

Only the second time to an AGM and first to run a loco. The track was ideal and a great bunch of people to help us in anyway possible. Will look forward to next year at Hereford and maybe have two locos to run.
I hope that all those who missed this year will make next year. So to all the unsung heroes to worked to make it happen a big thank you from Dave Lewis and members of the Newport club.
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