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increase size of photographs in For Sale section


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Posted: Sat 13th Aug 2016, 11:32am
increase size of photographs in For Sale section

Considering the high value of many of the locos sold on this site,their photographs should be made considerably larger,each photograph capable of a simple click and then filling the entire screen. Ebay have the best system to copy,whereby each portion of the photograph can be greatly magnified.This site is failing to attract many "high end" models that I know are being sold elsewhere. This should be the first port of call for all interested in buying 71/4"g locomotives.Get good locos in the For Sale section and the site visitors will follow.

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Posted: Sat 13th Aug 2016, 3:04pm

Hi Graham and All

I can certainly see your point, there have been other comments made about the website previously and in fact very recently I suspect many of us benefitted from having the 'links' button pointed out to us - very oddly placed as it is.

Unfortunately time constraints at the AGM seem to preclude a real discussion around members preferences for the site, so I wonder if perhaps a wish list thread could be compiled and moderated to allow an informed conversation on the subject in advance of the AGM?

I absolutely agree that we need a web presence, but there are some anomalies on the present one, so as a starter for 10 here are some of my 'wishes':

1/ Clicking on 'gallery' should open a window with thumbnails of both video and photo entries - (this would align with the sales and wants button that lists all categories of items)
2/ In the photo gallery clicking the next button should move you forwards rather than backwards as at present
3/ Group all buttons, including Archive, Pattern Bank, Links, etc, etc. in a common selection bar - unless there is a good reason for splitting them out ?

Otherwise I find the site generally good and fast loading which is always top of my priority list.

Cheers, Ivan

George Coles

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Posted: Sat 13th Aug 2016, 7:21pm

Ivan, I agree: the speed of loading is great, and encourages browsing.

As for the 'For Sales' listings: bear in mind that listings are free and stay up for 6 weeks. That said, only 3 pics are allowed, and fairly small ones at that. I wonder if advertisers would pay a nominal listing fee for a listing that offered 12 zoomable pictures? As 'nominal' fee, I am thinking of £10, or 1% of the selling price, whichever is the smaller. 'Zoomable' would, I suggest, mean full screen if one clicked on the smaller pics.

As an eBayer with three eBay identities, I can tell you that the suggested figures are generously low. And, by comparison to auctioneers fees, or dealers mark-ups are ridiculously low. (And, I've been buying and selling since I was at junior school!)

My pen'orth


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Posted: Sun 14th Aug 2016, 8:15pm

I suspect that this all revolves about cost. From what has been said the Society spent a considerable sum on the website. As there has been very little/no change to the structure of the site I presume that it was completely professionally done and we don't have that ability to change things. It is also probable that is will be expensive to do.

I do in Wix, admittedly I am an amateur but their system allows for even me to do a reasonably looking website that cost very little to run. It probably would be more expensive to have all the things that are on this site but it is very simple to use.

George Coles

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Posted: Mon 15th Aug 2016, 7:21pm

Martyn, I am sure it would cost the society to have the web-site modified, hence my question re "would advertisers pay to insert an ad?" Maybe, if the cost was low enough and the opportunity was present to do more, and larger, pictures, we could encourage more advertisers to use the site.


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Posted: Tue 16th Aug 2016, 11:23am

I have read the above forum postings and I think this may well be a useful feature. I will ask the Committee to consider this and hopefully this could be included in the near future.

John Nicholson


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Posted: Tue 16th Aug 2016, 1:56pm

Why do we have a website?

Should everything be available for non-members to access?

I visit the site almost every day, but rarely need to log on!

I would think the 'for sale' section attracts the most views, and non-members can access all the information needed, including contact details for the seller. The site is for MEMBERS to sell their personal items; if people don't want to list items it could simply be because they don't think it will attract buyers. They are free top list on any of the many other sites available.

Even this year's AGM is being held on a railway which will be open and advertised to non-members to come and visit (for an entry fee, presumably going 100% to the commercial owners).

Our membership is down over the last few years, are we simply giving the product away free?
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