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pic's on website


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Posted: Mon 27th Jun 2011, 10:12am
pic's on website

Cannot upload pic's to site jpg's 3 mgs only

john bailiss

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Posted: Mon 27th Jun 2011, 4:53pm

Hi John,

A common issue with modern cameras, being of such a high resolution the pictures they produce are far too large for general use.

The link above is to a piece of software called image resizer, if you download and install that you will be able to right click on an imagine you wish to resize then choose the resolution you want to resize it to. 1280x1024 would probably be more than large enough for website use (many would suggest 800x600 etc)but it will drastically reduce the size of the image files you are trying to upload.
You may already have a piece of software, or the functionality within another program to resize images so you could try looking there first if you dont wish to download the software from the link.


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Posted: Mon 27th Jun 2011, 7:13pm

Thank's chris
I've not had a problem before reson being i took pic's at 1 meg or below ,Have purchased a new dig canon and i found the settings and it was set on 10 meg !!!!!!!!
thank again


Graham Burhouse

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Posted: Tue 28th Jun 2011, 2:50pm

Hi John
You will probably find with your new Canon that the pictures have a resolution of 200/300 pixels per inch. On a PC you can only see a resolution of 72 pixel/inch if you have the software you can go into picture size and reduce the number of pixels this will make your file considerably smaller for use on the web. However if you wish to make a print at sometime in the future it is better to save the reduced file to a seperate name as once you a have saved it in the lower resolution you cannot increase it again.
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