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AE0183 Rechargeable LED Work Light 10W 12 / 240V


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Posted: Fri 15th Jan 2016, 2:17pm
AE0183 Rechargeable LED Work Light 10W 12 / 240V

AE0183 Rechargeable LED Work Light 10W 12 / 240V
The AE0183 Rechargeable LED Work Light 10W 12 / 240V from screwfix ( £29.99 inc vat)

I was looking for a decent work light to use in my garage and a product similar to this one was recommended to me by a friend.

My first point of call was Amazon but when i read the reviews i learned that a significant number of the cheaper version had been delivered already broken i decided to look at machine mart and screwfix and i'm glad i did.

My local screwfix had this 10w LED lamp in stock and within 10 mins of deciding to buy, i had one in my hand.

Charging time is roughly 5 hours a nd this light is bright. Brighter than the 70w Halogen bulb in my kitchen but the best thing about this worklight is that it remains cold. So when your under the car or in an awkward spot you no longer need to feel like a turkey in the oven, and should you accidentally touch it you wont get burned.

The light is a bright white, it is quite a cold looking light but isn't blue like some i have seen.

The battery seems to last roughly four hours and it just goes off, it doesn't go dim. One min its working the next it isn't. The stickler though is that you can only charge or use the light, not both. So make sure it is fully charged before you start any long jobs or you might get left in the dark.

This lamp is the best i have ever bought. If you have a use for one, i suggest you buy one, you wont be dissapointed and if you buy from screwfix you can be sure you wont have any bother.


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