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Acorn 6210MC Covert Camera (940nm Infrared)


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Posted: Sun 7th Jun 2015, 5:42pm
Acorn 6210MC Covert Camera (940nm Infrared)

Acorn 6210MC Covert Camera (940nm Infrared)
While looking for a solution to a security problem i came across the "Acorn Ltl" range of wildlife cameras. I chose the Acorn Ltl 6210 with 940NM Infrared because it offered improved daylight image capability over other older models, covert night vision using glow free infrared light at 940 Nanometers (instead of the dull glow given out by the model which projects infrared light on the 850 Nanometers wavelength.)

I ordered the camera from Amazon and it arrived the next day. To get it up and running i needed to fit an SD card and four AA batteries.

The remarkable thing about this camera is that it is just the size of the palm of my hand. It has three motion sensors, one facing forwards, one to the right and one to the left. The sensors work day and night, triggering the camera to capture images of whoever or whatever is there.

The manufacturer claim that four AA batteries can last for 3 months, but if you want, you can put eight batteries in the case which will last 6 months. The Camera can take SD cards upto 32GB.

You can set up time and date stamping, timer recording, time lapse.

Mine is hidden in a tree watching over my property, it is invisible to those who don't know where it is and very difficult to spot even when you know where to look.

Obvious uses are to capture images of people being where they shouldn't be, and while it wont stop an undesirable character doing what they do, it may help to identify that person by catching them in the act. Evidence can then be given to the police and action can be taken.

Also at not much over £100 they are excellent Value.

You can view/buy from amazon:

I'm not going to post images from mine as it would give away the location it is hidden in but here is a link to flickr where others can be seen.

Remember once you have set this camera up in a hidden place, you can forget about it for upto six months, but have the peace of mind that you can get images from it should anything happen.

I think this camera is excellent!

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Posted: Mon 16th Nov 2015, 5:26pm

This looks super. I need one!
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