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Casting one by one or as a Set


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Posted: Thu 16th Mar 2017, 7:39pm
Casting one by one or as a Set


If you intend to deal with Reeve’s please take note :-

Just to let you know, today I had the need to talk to A.J.Reeve’s Birmingham ltd.

What an experience !

The fact is I had brought many casting from them over the years, at one time I could not afford
a “ Full “ set of cylinder castings for my 7 ¼ G Hunslet so I asked them could I buy them one by one ?, I was told “ yes “ sometime later I got to the point when I needed to buy the main cylinder casting, when I enquired what the cost was I found that over the month possibly years I had paid well over the odds for individual items as now the main cylinder casting set was cheaper than the two cylinder castings.

Today 16/03/2017 I had the privilege to speak to a women at Reeve’s re the replacement of three dummy spring castings, this was due to one being a near perfect casting and the other three a poor imitation.

The women I spoke to was most aggressive and unhelpful telling me it’s another foundry casting that’s why there different! When I establish the cost I found once again one was for more expensive when viewed against a set of four, she then went on to try to instruct me about cost’s and the principals of selling.

To this I politely advised her I had spent the past 40 years in a senior position in one of the UK’s largest company’s in sales and marketing! If one of my staff had spoken to one of our customers as she had spoken to me they would have been offer the opportunity to develop their career outside the company.

Is it me?

Or has Reeves forgotten!
“The Customer is King “ and should always be treated as such!

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