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Garage Defender


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Posted: Wed 30th Sep 2015, 10:41am
Garage Defender

Garage Defender
Garage defender.
Like many people, I rent a garage and I was recently awoken during the early hours of the morning when a follow garage tenant telephoned me to tell me that a number of garages in the block had been broken into by some undesirable characters.
Thankfully the locks on my unit had stood upto the attack but neighbouring units were not all so lucky.
The police attended but were just a few mins too late to catch the culprits in the act. We have some good cctv images of the culprits but they have not yet been identified or caught.
While they did not gain entry they did manage to damage the asp with their bolt-cutters so an upgraded replacement was required and at the same time I decided to look at adding an extra layer of security to the garage.
That’s where the “Garage Defender” comes in.

Bought on Amazon for little over £30 is is basically a removable steel tube which when in place, will stop any up and over garage door from opening.
Fitting is easy, just four holes to drill into the concrete floor, then a steel plate is rawl bolted to the floor with the bolts being hidden securely inside the garage when the door is closed.
The steel tube is then placed over the plate and secured using a padlock, which attaches through a hole to a staple which is welded onto the base plate
I felt the padlock supplied left the staple slightly vulnerable so have used a different padlock which has a security shroud therefore making any cutter access to the lock or the staple very difficult.

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