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Crushed Concrete as ballast.


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Posted: Wed 23rd Jun 2010, 9:10pm
Crushed Concrete as ballast.

I am presently involved in the construction of a new line and whilst I appreciate that granite or limestone chippings are the normal materials for ballasting, the oppportunity has arisen to obtain a large quantity of broken concrete in 20cm pieces. Has anyone ever used this as ballast? It is 5 times cheaper than the normal materials and has the required sharp edges to support the sleepers and hold them in place. I am concerned that in a relatively short time they could turn to dust and following rain
become a solid lump and not function as proper ballast.

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Posted: Fri 30th Jul 2010, 1:16am

Hi bill, 20cm is far to big.
Have them recrushed, sived to 6mm-14mm & washed, that way you get hard clean bits.

Little Jim

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Posted: Mon 30th Aug 2010, 9:10pm

Yes I would have thought that the concrete would slowly crumbling but it wouldn't reset after rain as the chemical reaction, which makes the concrete set in the first place, isn't reversible.
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