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Posted: Fri 6th Jun 2014, 5:29pm

I've got a large quantity of timber offcuts being MASARANDUBA which is a South American hardwood it's 145 X 22 this timber is very dense and heavy (it won't float) requires no treatment, very resistant to rot. I realise it's less than most sleepers in thickness though a lot wider but of course it could be cut to a narrower width, only downside is that to screw into it you do need an accurate pilot hole to suit the screw size, any thoughts about suitability?

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Posted: Sat 7th Jun 2014, 6:45am

You could always go with the 22mm as width but with closer spacing or screw 2 pieces together but that would be a lot of extra work.. Great shame not to use it.


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Posted: Sat 7th Jun 2014, 11:37pm

Leave the sectional size alone. Would be fine if you're narrow gauge. Would suggest making a wooden jig. Find a length of timber say 4" longer than the wanted sleeper length. Would fix to it a 4" length of timber to one end thus leaving the rest as sleeper length. Place onto sleeper timber and use the other end of jig as a saw cut position and cut it. In the same jig determine and mark the positions for the rail fixing screws, may need experimenting here. Then drill a small diameter hole squarely down through jig for four screw positions. When the jig is placed on the sleeper and a drill past down through these holes, the drill would then leave pilot holes in the sleeper.
If all is going satisfactory you could make a jig from a piece of rail steel.
Don't forget though, on sharp curves you may want to spread the gauge to seven and three eights of an inch maximum to avoid singing flanges.


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Posted: Wed 11th Jun 2014, 5:54pm

Thanks Martyn & Bill,

I did think about using 2 pieces laid on top of one another to give a depth of 44mm which would allow for a decent depth of coarse ballast, the coach screw used to fix the rail could go through both lengths to avoid double fixings. I've got a lot of this timber and a ready supply of more when needed. I had even thought of cutting down the 145 width as it isn't going to look in scale though I do see sleeper sizes can vary quite a bit.


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Posted: Thu 12th Jun 2014, 4:47pm

Hello Davida

Be welcome to France ! If you d'nt know any railway in your region, suggest you take contact with our french 71/4" gauge Society :

C.A.V. ( Confrérie des Amateurs de Vapeur ) . Web site :
The actual Président is : Mr Jacques CLAUS . he might give you names of CAV Members in the department 25 ! .

" Bon Courage " for the construction of your circuit !!!

Emile MOUSSU ( CAV member n°168 )
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