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Help with rail identification?

Narrow Rails

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Posted: Thu 2nd Oct 2014, 9:32am
Help with rail identification?

I recently purchased a set of second hand 7 1/4" points which needed resleepering. I believed they were standard 21mm high alloy section. However, after buying a bag of PNP rail chairs for 21mm high rail I have now discovered that I should have checked the rail section more carefully as the chairs do not fit the foot of the rail.

The rail is 22mm high with a 22mm foot and a crown width of 13mm. I've looked on Cromer White, MRSC and Maxitrack websites but can not find any track of the same dimensions. Does anyone know what type of rail this is, who manufactured/sold this type and if I can get some more from anywhere?

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Richard S.

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Posted: Fri 26th Dec 2014, 8:39am

I think this could be Don Fifer's lightweight section, I recall it was just bigger than Cromar White light, but with a wider head. Does the point have a cast iron frog as Don usually used them on points. Don died a number of years ago and Christopher Fincken bought the range. Not sure if Christopher is still trading as I haven't seen any adverts for some time. I think we may have a length or 2 in the shed which may be available.


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Posted: Sat 27th Dec 2014, 9:44am

The late Don Fifer traded as 'Pfeifferbahn', offering two aluminium rail sections, the lighter weight one was 19mm (3/4") high with similar similar foot width; the much heavier section approached 30mm high. Both sections featured a well-proportioned stout head profile.
The origin of the '22mm' section referred to is more difficult to determine. Following casual research of some years ago, it seems that batches of aluminium rail of this (and/or a close variant) section were commissioned by different individuals, more for private purposes than commercial. The late Jim Rough (trading from Berkshire as 'Jimro') kept some stock until sold c.2010.
A 'Want' ad. is probably the best way to locate a specific rail section nowadays; meanwhile let's hope that Narrow Rails will eventually find employment for those rail chairs.
Best wishes for happy Sevenandaquartering in 2015!


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Posted: Wed 31st Dec 2014, 6:24pm

I remember a discussion many years ago about rail section and I was told (I cannot recall who by) that Don Fifer was getting his rail rolled/drawn by a contact on a farm in the Southern Lake District but I do not know exactly who it was. I would think that this source has now gone but at a railway I go to we have a small amount of aluminium rail left and I will try to see if this is the same section and stuff. it may take a number of weeks. In concxlusion I think the Don Fifer section did not comply exactly with any other section.

John Nicholson
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